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November 05, 2008



Are you sure you aren't covering the ambient light sensor when this happens?

The position of the sensor would likely cause this to happen precisely when you're scrolling, especially with the jog dial.


Hi James,

Certainly a good theory, but three points argue against it in this particular case:

1: I noticed this even in dim or dark rooms with no lights on, with only the screen's own backlighting.

2: Changing the power setting changed the behavior (fixed it).

3: I had turned off the Ambient back lighting detection stuff back on day 1 - I wanted my screen cranked all the way up to full brightness almost all the time. :-)

This does kill batteries faster, and needs to be toned down a bit when I'm a passenger in a car a night.

But seriously, thanks for the comments. I'll check your links to see how you're doing. Did you get the Gobi wireless chipset?


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